Outdoor Channels – Unipole

Unipoles are a great way to have a brand stand out since they’re not too common and fairly expensive.

Average Prices (SAR)
  • Per Location
    120,000 - 1,500,000 / year
  • Printing
    7,000 - 9,000 / location
Usual Locations

Usually in highways in the city borders. In some areas, unipoles are situated inside the cities, and next to gas stations and by recreational parks.

  • Target Audience
    Undifferentiated - All segments
  • Usages
    Used in long term brand or product campaigns
  • Rental Methods
    Usually 1 year or 6 months

Since Unipoles are elevated by 9 meters, it targets long-distance readers, so visual must not not be too complicated and words should be kept at a minimum.

Owned by municipalities that usually benchmark prices depending on locations, then lease the locations to advertising suppliers that own advertising equipment for 3-5 years

14 x 4 Meters

Flix / Banner

Derived from The Advertising Guide
By Mamdouh K. Al Shammari


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