Outdoor Channels – Petrol Station Mupi

Attractive for car-related products and brands. Ad design must be delivered a week before the launch of the campaign.

Average Prices (SAR)
  • Circuit (30 Faces)
    45,000 / 2 weeks
Usual Locations

Inside petrol / gas stations

  • Target Audience
    Vehicle drivers and gas station visitors
  • Usages
    To quickly introduce products and brands
  • Rental Methods
    Two weeks
  • Printing
    Usually SAR 3,000 / 30 faces

Close to the reader, who is usually sitting in his / her car and has enough time to read for a while.

1.53 x 0.94 Meters

Glossy Paper

Derived from The Advertising Guide
By Mamdouh K. Al Shammari