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The company was started by Ahmed H. Taibah and Yousef H. AlDabbagh, two friends who studied at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM). They set up eDesign immediately after graduating, starting with just one desk, one PC and one service – web design.

From those beginnings, the company has grown and prospered. In 2007 they moved into new offices, where they are still located. Today the company consists more than 40 employees. The services eDesign offers range from the latest in website design (including advanced e-commerce websites) to mobile apps, videos, graphic design and all aspects of digital marketing, as well as complementary services such as copywriting and printing.

A History of Wide-Ranging SuccessSpanning more than a decade
eDesign was founded in late 2007 in Jeddah. Our enviable client list, numerous awards and success across multiple sectors and media are proof of our consistent ability to deliver over more than 10 years.

A Team of Diverse Professionals United By a Single AimOur Success Story
We are a team of around 40 professionals, including specialist designers, account managers and planners, branding experts, SEO specialists, marketers and IT professionals. Between us, we have all the expertise you need to achieve your aims, whether it’s growing your business, promoting your brand, maximizing your returns, or communicating with your stakeholders.

Our team are not just highly-skilled but passionate problem solvers, with a flexible, forward-thinking and outward-looking approach. We are also committed to total transparency and honesty at all times. That ensures you get not just the best solutions for your needs, but the ultimate in service.

Our Beliefs
Although much of what we do involves cutting-edge technology, for us, the human side is what matters most. We believe in building long-lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships with our clients, based on respect, transparency and close collaboration.

Quality and clarity are key. We ensure that we don’t just create but communicate – from design to social media, and from apps to online adverts, we will deliver the correct communication to the right audience in the best possible way. We embrace and deliver innovation, but we never let the medium obscure the message.

Corporate Social Responsibility
We take our responsibilities to the wider community seriously and embrace several initiatives in this respect. That includes providing internships for graduates in related majors to our industry to those looking to break into the jobs market. In addition, we sponsor various initiatives.

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