Our team comes to work every day to build technology that helps corporations guess less and win more.

We aggregate and analyze massive amounts of data and use machine learning, algorithms and data visualization to help corporations replace the three Gs (Google searches, gut instinct and guys with MBAs*) so they can answer massive strategic questions using probability not punditry.

Questions Like:

Which disruptive companies should we worry about?
Which emerging trends could kill us?
What new markets should we enter?
What is our competitor's strategy?
Who should we acquire?
Who should we invest in?
Who is our next customer?
Who are the S&P 500 of tomorrow?

With backing from the National Science Foundation and venture capital investors, we mine terabytes of data and knowledge contained in patents, venture capital financings, M&A transactions, hiring, startup and investor websites, news sentiment, social media chatter, and more.

Our software algorithmically analyzes this data to help our clients see where the world is going tomorrow, today.

It's time to move past the three G's. Your biggest strategic decisions deserve better.

Try us out.

*We have MBAs.

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