Orient Consulting Center (OCC) is a Kuwaiti firm providing consultations, studies and services in fields of management, finance, economics, marketing and business intelligence & information.

Since its establishment in 1984 OCC has delivered a wide range of studies and services to an impressive list of corporate clients in Kuwait as well as a number of clients in the Gulf and Egypt.
The three broad lines of OCC’s services are
1. General Consulting & Research
2. Stock Market Analysis.
3. Business Information.

An extra advantage of the OCC services is the fact that, while we observe and follow standard academic style research and analysis,  we add extra value in the form of inputting our many years direct line management knowledge and experience. Thus, our research and advice reflects not only what should theoretically be done but also what can practically be done.

While local clients can benefit from our broad range of management consultations, evaluations, and feasibility studies for their existing or planned businesses or projects, International clients can additionally benefit from our presence in the Gulf area to:
1.Provide project identification and/or assessment studies and services.
2.Monitor the market for them.
3.Sponsor and represent them in the area.
4.Provide tax consultation.
5.Debt collection.
6.Assist in contract negotiations.

Contact us and let us, together, explore how we can be of added value to your business.

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