Outdoor Channels – Giganto

Giganto’s are considered a method to complete advertising campaigns and are usually used for brand campaigns. Ad design must be delivered two weeks before campaign start to be able to print and install in time.

Average Prices (SAR)
  • Per Location
    1,000,000 - 3,000,000 / year
Usual Locations

Usually situated in highways inside cities.

  • Target Audience
    Undifferentiated - All segments
  • Usages
    Used in long term brand or product campaigns
  • Rental Periods
    Usually 1 year, 6 or 3 months

Must take into consideration the elevation while designing the artwork

Size vary. Usual sizes are 40 x 15 meters.

Flix / Banner

Derived from The Advertising Guide
By Mamdouh K. Al Shammari


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