Outdoor Channels – Beach Mupi

Beach Mupis are targeted towards recreational beach and resort visitors.

Average Prices (SAR)
  • Circuit (40 Faces)
    45,000 / 2 weeks
Usual Locations

Jeddah and Eastern Region

  • Target Audience
    Beach goers
  • Usages
    To quickly introduce products and brands
  • Rental Methods
    Two weeks
  • Printing
    SAR 175 / face

Beach Mupis are usually on pavements and very close to beach visitors, so it can contain many words in the design.

Owned by a private company contracted by resorts' management to advertise in their locations in exchange with money.

1.8 x 1.2 Meters

Banner / Paper

Derived from The Advertising Guide
By Mamdouh K. Al Shammari


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